It is advised to get your pets vaccinated against kennel cough- BORDETELLA VACCINATION . This is an air borne virus and contagious. Kindly check with your vet or contact us for more details.
Our dog training and handling methodologies come from the reward-based, positive reinforcement school of thought. Training sessions are meant to encourage stronger relationships, build foundations for good canine citizenship and create happy, social and well rounded dogs.

Our dog trainers are very experienced and have a professional approach to training, which will make your pet, well mannered and obedient so that you have no qualms about whether or not he/she will listen to you when required. We understand that no two dogs are alike and so, no two dogs can be trained in the same manner. Based on this, we have devised a training programme which aims at understanding your dog and then training it in an individualized manner. To make the process of learning new commands easier for your pet, we have our own friendly little demo and socialization dog who can guide your pooch into appropriate canine behavior, by demonstrating them himself!

We offer two levels of training:

Basic Obedience:

This is an elementary training programme that introduces your dog to the basic commands required for good behavior such as sit, stay, come, heel etc. on a leash. In addition, any minor behavioral problems your dog might have such as jumping, chewing, barking, mouthing etc. can be taken care of. Training sessions are short so that they do not become boring and repetitive for your dog, but if the attention span of your dog is good these can be longer. Of course, the basis of these training sessions is positive reinforcement, so plenty of praise and treats follow good behavior, to make learning as rewarding as possible. This programme is ideal for puppies or for dogs who have not been trained before.

Advanced Training:

This course is intended for dogs with longer attention spans and a higher level of understanding and so enhances the training experience of your pet. In this programme, the commands that are taught at the basic level are repeated but without a leash, so that you can have full faith in your pet. Advanced commands such as 'roll over' and 'fetch and retrieve' are also taught. Also, any behavioral problems your pet might have are also dealt with, such as biting, chewing etc.

At Canine Elite you can be rest assured that your pet will receive training from very professional and loving people who aim at delivering their best and will try and make your pooch the best behaved in the neighborhood! All this, while ensuring that the experience is not dreaded but enjoyed by him/her.

Service Offering

  • Boarding (Long & Short term) & day care
  • Training - Obedience, Sniffer & Agility
  • Adoptions - Homeless, rescued & Abandoned
  • Pet Events (Awareness days) & vaccination camps
  • Pet taxi (Pick and drop) services
  • Grooming
  • Vet Services
  • Canine Couture
  • Penthouse Style Cattery
  • Alternate therapy for pets
  • Chartered planes for pets and pet owners
  • Accommodation for pet parents
  • Canine Workshop for designing pet houses
  • Canine Meals & Accessories



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