It is advised to get your pets vaccinated against kennel cough- BORDETELLA VACCINATION . This is an air borne virus and contagious. Kindly check with your vet or contact us for more details.
Boarding and Day Care FacilitiesCanine Elite offers a loving and friendly alternative to the lonely days your pet spends at home when you are away at work. Our day care facility allows you to leave your pet in the caring and enjoyable environment we provide them, so you don't worry about their well being. Our Pet-Taxi can pick up your pet, right form your doorstep and can drop him/her right back when you're home.

We ensure that both the individual and social requirements of your beloved pet are met, the daily activities at the day care centre includes: socialization and play time, basic training (if required) and relaxing sessions. Playing keeps the dog’s mind active and away from destructive behaviour such as chewing and barking which develop due to separation anxiety. We try to give dogs a chance to be a part of a “pack” in a safe and monitored environment, and arrange the packs according to their temperament and personality. This ensures that while some of them can enjoy playing or swimming in the pool, the older guests enjoy getting petted and brushed. Smaller dogs and puppies are kept in separate groups and have their own enclosed areas so that they are not bullied by the bigger guests! Boarding and Day Care Facilities

Meals can be provided on request or owners can also bring their pet’s meal of choice in a sealed container. As the day winds down, lower activity levels encourage brushing and grooming (which is our complimentary service to all day boarders), while they wait for mom and dad to pick them up.

Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that your beloved pet receives all the love and attention he/she deserves in your absence. So try our excellent services and give your pet a special treat for a day!

Service Offering

  • Boarding (Long & Short term) & day care
  • Training - Obedience, Sniffer & Agility
  • Adoptions - Homeless, rescued & Abandoned
  • Pet Events (Awareness days) & vaccination camps
  • Pet taxi (Pick and drop) services
  • Grooming
  • Vet Services
  • Canine Couture
  • Penthouse Style Cattery
  • Alternate therapy for pets
  • Chartered planes for pets and pet owners
  • Accommodation for pet parents
  • Canine Workshop for designing pet houses
  • Canine Meals & Accessories



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