It is advised to get your pets vaccinated against kennel cough- BORDETELLA VACCINATION . This is an air borne virus and contagious. Kindly check with your vet or contact us for more details.
Canine Elite provides the best quality wooden dog mansions, kennels and kitty castles for your four legged family member. Our products are customized according to the requirements of our clients as we believe in providing aesthetically pleasing, comfortable and hygienic designs for your pet.

There are large dog houses to tiny cat houses. The Canine Elite Workshop offers practical solutions with hardwood and softwood, which is as good looking as it is functional. It provides proper ventilation, visibility and is unique and hand-crafted as it is made to order. So no one but you and your pet will have a piece like it! The flooring is generally tiled making it easier to clean and the house’s are ideal for indoors as well as outdoors.

From cosy cottages to bungalows and mansions to a ‘room with a view’, Canine Elite provides a wide range of choice of dog and cat house, and not to forget, they are all eco-friendly structures which follow specific international pet standards. So gift your precious pup or purrfect kitty an extra special surprise!

Service Offering

  • Boarding (Long & Short term) & day care
  • Training - Obedience, Sniffer & Agility
  • Adoptions - Homeless, rescued & Abandoned
  • Pet Events (Awareness days) & vaccination camps
  • Pet taxi (Pick and drop) services
  • Grooming
  • Vet Services
  • Canine Couture
  • Penthouse Style Cattery
  • Alternate therapy for pets
  • Chartered planes for pets and pet owners
  • Accommodation for pet parents
  • Canine Workshop for designing pet houses
  • Canine Meals & Accessories



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