Having a dog in the house can greatly enrich family life for children and adults alike. Pets, especially dogs, can teach children compassion patience and responsibility. However, to make it all go smoothly, care must first be taken in choosing a dog to match the particular family and their circumstances.Read More

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Making holiday plans involves a lot of decisions – what to do, where to stay, how to travel, what to take with you. For pet parents, one of the most critical decisions they face is what to do with the much-loved family dog or cat. Some people solve the problemRead More

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Having a dog in the house can greatly enrich family life for children and adults alike. Pets, especially dogs, can teach children compassion patience and responsibility. However, to make it all go smoothly, care must first be taken in choosing a dog to match the particular family and their circumstances.

Factors to Consider Include

  • Age of the children
  • Town or country home
  • Size of the house
  • Availability of a garden

Best Breeds of Dogs for Families with Kids Pet-centred websites will
tell you that the best dogs for kids include Boxers, Bull Dogs, Collies, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Poodles. You’ll notice that these are all quite big dogs, which tend to be more docile than little dogs and so are suitable companions for kids. You should avoid any dogs such as Rottweilers that have been breed as guard dogs.

Each breed has its particular pros and cons. All of the above, except for the Bull Dogs, which are a bit lazy, need lots of exercise. In addition, long-haired Collies and Golden Retrievers, while friendly and playful, require a lot of grooming, which may be diffi cult if both parents are working or otherwise busy. Poodles, on the other hand, have the great advantage that they do not shed much hair. The ever popular Labrador Retrievers have a disadvantage in that they are prone to health problems such as hip dysplasia, especially if they are pure breed. If you are not breed conscious, and canconsider giving a homeless, rescued, or an abandoned dog a home, do consider

adopting a desi Dog. Desi dogs are intelligent, hardy and full of character. If you live in New Delhi, you can visit the Indian Canine Uplift ment Centre located in Mehrauli. Indian Canine Uplift ment Centre (ICUC) is a registered animal welfare organisation dedicated to the care of the homeless,abandoned, and rescued dogs and cats across Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR). Th e aim is to fi nd families for these pets while also discouraging people from

buying pets. On April 22-23, 2017, ICUC will organise a Pet Fair fund raiser. Th e 2-day event will have several fun filled activities for pet parents, children, and their dogs. Entry Charges are INR 100 per person. Dogs and children below 12 years are allowed free!

Location – Canine Elite Grounds,
Mehrauli, New Delhi

Choosing a Dog for Families with Young

Special care is needed if the kids in your family are less than 6- year-old. Don’t adopt a dog that barks a lot or a large, highenergy adult dog that could knock over a small child. And it’s probably not the best time to acquire a young puppy. Parents of young children are already very busy and puppies demand almost as much time and eff ort as a child.

Introducing a New Dog into Your Home
Do give the new puppy a chance to settle down before allowing the children to play with it too much. To ensure satisfactory socialisation, you will need to train the dog; it is time to read puppy training

Ensure everyone in the family sticks to the same rules regarding the dog. Make a list and stick it up where everyone can see it. You’ll need to decide where the pup will sleep. Some experts advise that the dog should have its own bed and not sleep with the kids because it can cause health and behavioural problems.

The Family Pack Unlike cats, dogs are wired to behave as members of a pack and for a pet dog the
human family is its ‘pack’. In a wild dog pack, there is scale of dominance reaching down from the pack leader to the weakest member. In a human/dog pack, size matters. In the pet dog’s mind, the ‘pack leader’ is probably one of the parents and must be obeyed but, when it comes to kids, most dogs will regard young children as equal or subordinate in the pecking order.

This can lead to various types of behaviour such as refusing to obey the child’s commands, growling when the child comes near, or even biting if the child does not heed the warnings to get out of the dog’s

If you see any of these behaviours happening, it is time to seek advice from a professional animal behaviourist. At the ICUC Pet Fair, you can meet Gautam Kari, US trained and Certifi ed Animal Behaviourist, and register for the Top Dog 10 Basic Obedience Certifi cation Course starting on April 25 to May 5 at Canine Elite, New Delhi. Th e 10-day basic obedience course is designed around internationally recognised positive training techniques, and teaches pet owners how to create a lasting and strong leader relationship with their dogs.

For more information on the upcoming
event, you can write to sonyakochhar@

Th e writer is the Founder and Owner of Canine
Elite, Pet Boarding, Grooming and Training


Making holiday plans involves a lot of decisions – what to do, where to stay, how to travel, what to take with you. For pet parents, one of the most critical decisions they face is what to do with the much-loved family dog or cat. Some people solve the problem by taking their pet (or pets) with them. While dog-friendly vacations are becoming more common and possible with a lot of planning, having Fido along will greatly curtail how you get there and what you do when you get there. Travel by train and plane is limited and vacationing internationally is nearly out of the question because of permits and quarantine requirements. If you can work out the travel and get your pet to your holiday destination, you will face a limited number of options that accommodate pets. It is even less likely that Fido will be able to join you and your family sightseeing, or to museums or shopping malls.

And what happens if the travel makes your pet sick? Pets are known to have diffi culty quickly adjusting to new environments and having a sick pet in a hotel room or BB would be miserable for Fido and you. Another option is to entrust the care of Fido and Kitty to a friend or relative who will pop in to feed, walk, and keep an eye on things while you are away. However well-intentioned these caregivers are, they are usually untrained. Will they be able to tell when Fido is a bit under the weather and need to be taken to the veterinarian? Will they be able to identify and stop a medical emergency crisis before it happens? Pets entrusted to part-time caretakers may escape or become ill because of a lack of consistent care. You could also send Fido and Kitty for a “sleepover” with a friend or relative while you are on holiday but will your pet adjust? Will your pet chew up your friend’s favourite high heels or sofa cushion? Leave a “deposit” on someone’s oriental rug? Will your friend respect your wishes not to feed Fido from the table or too much Butter Chicken? Are they going on their nightly walks?

A Good Kennel is the Safest Option The safest option for your best buddy while you are away is a professionally-run, well-appointed boarding facility. Professional kennels and boarding facilities will monitor your pet 24/7, will exercise and feed them following your schedule, and will check them frequently with staff trained to recognize signs of stress, distress or illness – and will know what to do. Still there are many kennels and catteries out there so how do you choose? Let’s ask an expert! Sonya Kochhar Apicella has nearly a decade of experience running Canine Elite boarding facility, one of the most popular and revered kennels in India. Spacious, Clean and Hospitable Accommodation She says “A personal visit to the kennel is essential”, she says. “Look for a hygienic, spacious accommodation equipped with heating for winter and air-conditioning for summer. Th e rooms should be made from tiles or similar materials which are easy to clean and disinfect. A low platform should be available to place your pets bedding and keep them off of the fl oor.

Be sure the boarding facility has large enough kennels so that your pet can easily turn around and walk a few steps. It should be high enough so that they don’t hit their head when they stand on their high legs. If you have more than one dog be sure that they have space that can accommodate two dogs from the same home.” Exercise and Fun “When choosing a pet boarding facility, make sure it has plenty of opportunities for exercise”, says Sonya.
“There should be a designated area for walking and exercising and enough trained staff dedicated to ensure all animals get the amount of exercise – which can vary widely by breed – that each border requires.” At Canine Elite there is one indoor play area and two outdoor play areas, one that includes an obstacle course if your pet is up for it! Each pet guest has a dedicated attendant to take him for regular walks. If you can take a cooling dip in a pool when you are on holiday, then why shouldn’t your pooch have the same opportunity? Some facilities now have pools for pets. At Canine Elite, guests can enjoy doggy-paddling and splashing in the swimming pool, or chasing balls across the water! A puppy pool is also available dedicated to the new swimmers.

Vaccinations “All responsible kennels will have strict rules about vaccinations,” continues Sonya. “If they do not, you put your pet at risk of getting sick – or worse. Do not board your pet with a facility that does not follow vaccination guidelines.

” For example, Canine Elite requires proof of current vaccination records for dogs for the following conditions – rabies, Bordetella

Some animal experts advise that you should not over feed your pet before taking him to the kennel. The extra food is not required and could cause an upset stomach (kennel cough) and DHPP (distemper, hepatitis, parainfl uenza, and parvovirus).

Special Needs Does your dog or cat have special needs? Does your dog follow a special diet? Older animals and those with medical problems should be given extra attention to ensure they get their medication at the right time and are monitored regularly by the kennel veterinarian. “One very important thing to ask,” advises Sonya, “make sure to ask if there is a veterinarian available around the clock.” Spa Services Th ese days, holidays for humans oft en involve a make-over and pampering in a spa. Why not choose a facility that off ers similar services to your pet? At Canine Elite, canines and felines can enjoy top quality grooming services such as combouts for tangled fur, cuts and trims in diff erent styles, nail clipping, and relaxing baths and massages.

Pet Transport and Pick-up Some pet boarding establishments provide “pet taxi services” and, depending on circumstances, this may be helpful for you at the beginning and end of your holiday. You can enquire if this facility is available when making your booking. In addition to its pet taxi services, Canine Elite even off ers chartered planes for pets and pet owners! Pet-friendly Accommodation for Humans at Canine Elite In some circumstances pet parents may wish to stay in Delhi with their pets and Canine Elite makes this possible. Th e resort has a pet-friendly guest house known as Th e Residency, which is located in the upscale Vasant Kunj locality and has 10 bedrooms, a spacious garden and a fully equipped kitchen.

Preparing for Boarding Sonya has some useful suggestions on how to prepare for boarding your pet. “Do make your reservation early, especially at peak vacation periods as rooms go quickly”, she says. “When making your booking, check to be sure which vaccinations are required and that your records are up to date, what items you need to provide when checking your pet in, if they provide meals, and which vet they use in an emergency”, she adds. Some animal experts advise that you should not overfeed your pet before taking him to the kennel.

The extra food is not required and could cause an upset stomach. Also, because pets are highly sensitive, do not allow any family member to stage an emotional “goodbye” because this might induce unnecessary anxiety in your pet. Finally When choosing a boarding facility, you might like to consider whether the establishment carries out work in the wider community, in animal welfare for example. Such facilities do important work and as you are an animal lover, they are well worth supporting with your custom. Besides running one of the eminent canine boarding facilities in India, Sonya and her team at Canine Elite have been very active in providing help for the street dogs of Delhi.

Canine Elite’s NGO – the Indian Canine Uplift ment Centre (ICUC) – encourages dog lovers to adopt or foster homeless or abandoned dogs, and to sponsor boarding, meals, medicines, surgery, post-op care, and vaccinations for animals waiting for adoption. Th e organization also arranges educational trips for kids to spread awareness about the condition of street animals in Delhi and its sister cities, encouraging sensitivity towards homeless canines and the importance of adopting animals instead of buying. We hope this article has given you some useful hints and tips about selecting a place for your pet to stay while you are away. Having chosen the right resort, you and your family can enjoy your well-deserved vacation to the fullest, knowing that your beloved cat or dog is in capable hands.

“Sonya Kochhar Apicella is the Founder and Owner of Canine Elite, a Pet Boarding, Grooming and Training Facility”

Vet Service Delhi

Canine Elite Delhi Provides Vet Service in Delhi and keeps in contact with most of the vet clinics and hospitals in Delhi. Vet Service is very important for a Dog Boarding Kennel, Pet Day Care etc Vet service Delhi is available 24 hours at Canine Elite in case of an emergency or just for a check-up. Canine Elite ensures that all pets are healthy and happy while they stay at Canine Elite and Pet taxi available to pick up and drop off pets from Vet clinic for surgeries and post-surgery. Veterinarians keep visiting Canine Elite to help us keep all pets safe and healthy.

Pet Adoption Delhi

Canine Elite has taken an initiative and started a NGO named Indian canine Upliftment Centre (ICUC) for the abandoned, recued, stray and second home dogs and cats. Pet Adoption Delhi is the main aim for us; we keep adoption stalls and events to promote adoption,donations, sponsora pet , foster, volunteer and educate everyone.

We keep awareness camps and free vaccination camps etc all over Delhi and NCR. We ensure that the animal is vaccinated. We have had successful adoption , where the pets are happy and safe in the new adopted house.

Persian Cats

Persian cats are delicate, lovable and calm; they love to sit on their beds or posts or on your lap to get massaged and patted.

Canine Elite Delhi has cattery houses for Persian cats where they are kept like prince and princess. We provide special grooming for their sensitive and beautiful fur. We have lots of Persian cats and kittens at Canine Elite Delhi.

Pet kennels Delhi

Canine Elite Delhi has one of the best Pet kennels for both dogs and cats. Cats have Cattery well-spaced with scratch-polls and small house, toys and area for cat litter and water bowls. Cattery is made comfortable for your feline friends to relax and sleep and play throughout the day. For dogs Canine Elite provides Dog Pet Kennels for boarding. Pet Kennels are also available for pets that need medical assistance and post op care in Canine Elite Delhi.

Dog Boarding Kennel Delhi-

Canine Elite in Delhi provides one of the most spacious, clean and pet friendly Dog Boarding Kennel Delhi and NCR. Life made comfortable for pet parents and for your Pets while you are away travelling, your pet can stay overnight at Canine Elite for the durations you are away, which can vary from a night stay to week or even a month as required. Dog Boarding Kennel Delhiat Canine Elite provides spacious ventilated Kennel rooms for your Pet; we have few categories of room – small, medium and large rooms. Where the small rooms are only for smaller and miniature breeds the other rooms can accommodate all sizes.
Rooms are clean daily and from time to time, every pet get individual and one on one time with our staff who take them for walks and playtime several times during the day. Home cooked meal is complimentary with the stay, we request pet owners to send commercial or any other special food if your pet dog eats that, otherwise we are happy to provide food. Special highlight of Canine Elite Dog Boarding Kennel Delhi is that Pet taxi is available to pick up and drop off your pet from your residence as per request and advance appointment. We keep pet owners updated via photos and videos and messages while their pet is staying in boarding with us. Happy pet makes a happy owner and that’s our aim. Other services and facilities like vet services, grooming, training, pet taxi etc can be availed while your pet is boarding at Canine Elite.

Pet Day Care Delhi

 Canine Elite has one of the best Pet Day Care in Delhi and NCR. Canine Elite offers Pet Day Care for both cats and dogs. Pet parents having a busy, hectic day or schedule etc some emergency at home – so the every first concern for any pet parent is who will look after their pet or where to keep them while they are out working??? Well now all these problems have a great solution Pet Day Care services at Canine Elite Delhi. Pet parents can leave their pet during the day from morning till evening without anything to worry about. Pet Day care at Canine elite ensures the pets are playing, going for long walks to get fresh, in case requested by the owners food is also provided to the pet at the time allotted by the pet parent. Your pet can make new pet friends if you like while he is at Canine Elite called (Socializing). While your Pet is here for a Pet Day care he or she can avail all the other services as well like grooming, bathing, socialising, training, swimming pool, pet taxi services or vet services all separately available if requested by the pet owners.

Further detailed information regarding Pet Day Care Delhi is mentioned on our Canine Elite website


 Kittens between (0 to 4weeks)-

Kittens between the ages 0 to 4 weeks ideally rely on their mother to keep them warm and feed from their mother, a mother’s milk provides everything a kitten needs during the first four weeks of their life. If the kitten is orphaned or separated from the mother then seeking vet service Delhi is a must. One must take the advice given by the veterinarian to provide a healthy and nutritious diet for the kitten. Use a kitten feeding bottle with a specially designed for kitten. You can purchase this at a vet clinic, a pet store, or on the Internet. In an emergency use an eyedropper or a small syringe to drip the milk replacement into the kitten’s mouth. This is the most crucial age for a kitten to develop the primary concerns which are feeding, keeping warm and developing social skills. One can also look for a nurse mother: a cat that may have given a small litter she may be able to nurse the abandoned/orphaned kitten. Please do not feed kitten’s regular cow milk or packet milk it causes digestion problems.

Before and after each meal it is important to get the kitten to burp exactly same as a human baby. Then after eating wipe the kitten’s bottom with a soft paper towel soaked in warm water this helps the kitten to poop and pee otherwise they tend not to. Hold the kitten over the litter box and use the towel to rub the genital area.

Cattery Delhi- Pet care Delhi

It is important to time the kitten`s meal. A newborn kitten may feed about every 1 to 2 hours. At about three to four weeks the kitten can be introduced to milk replacer poured in a bowl then small amount of soaked/ mashed kitten food can be introduced four to six times a day in small quantities. Once the kitten gets the hang of the milk and wet kitten food one can thicken the mixture and feed the kitten. Kitten`s from six to twelve weeks should be fed four times a day as you gradually decrease there access to the milk replacer and kitten`s from three to six month old should be fed three times a day.

Kittens do not require water in the ages 0 to 4 weeks once they start weaning water can be kept in bowl and must be changed with fresh water from time to time as the water bowl can get dirty with kitten poop.

Pet care Delhi-

keeping kitten`s warm A newborn Kitten cannot regulate their body temperature and usually keep warm by snuggling up on their mother till they grow away gradually. When the kitten is orphaned then the right pet care steps to keep the kitten warm is important , a heating pad or a hot water bottle wrapped around a soft towel works well. Do not put the kitten into direct contact with the heating pad as that could cause burns. Please consult Vet Services Delhi or your regular veterinarian to know the safe temperature that the heating pad or hot water bottle should be at.  As the kitten gets older over 2 weeks they are able to move away from the heating pad as its gets too hot or uncomfortable for them. Keep a close eye on the heating in case of using a heating pad.

Cattery Delhi – Pet Day Care Delhi
Canine Elite has a Pet Day Care Delhi and Cattery for kittens/ cats to board for a day or overnight. Canine Elite provides Vet Services Delhi and councils new pet parent how to Care for their pet. The Cattery at Canine Elite is very spacious and well ventilated. It has cooling for the summers and heating during the winters. Each pet Cat or Kitten get there individual private rooms (Cattery). The rooms have litter box, small and big bowls for food and water. Playing toys and scratch posts in the Cattery room. One can leave their Pet during the day for a pet day care to see how they adjust to a new environment and have a happy playful socializing day while the pet parent can peacefully finish other work which they may have
One must be very careful when handling a newborn kitten because that stage is there most important learning and developing age.

Petcare Delhi PART 1-things to think about before you geta Dog

Petcare Delhi

Part 1 Things to think about before you get a dog

Maybe your kids are pestering you to get a dog – perhaps one of their friends has acquired an adorable puppy and they want one too. But before taking a canine companion into your home it is very important that all the family understand the seriousness of the responsibility they have taken on.

In no way is this article meant to deter you from getting a dog. Owning a dog can be a delightful experience. Not only do dogs provide faithful companionship and unconditional love, they’ve also been known to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Living with a dog has also been shown to boost the social skills and confidence of children and adults alike.

Petcare Delhi – Forethought and planning

When you get a dog, it’s a big commitment.But, as vets and dog trainers know only too well, many families take on a pet without thinking through the consequences.

The danger of acquiring a puppy without proper forethought and planning is that it may develop behavioral problems. The tragedy is that this can lead eventually to the poor creature being surrendered or abandoned through no fault of its own.

If you are thinking of getting a puppy, please think about it carefully and talk to some experts.Do remember that your vet can be a great source of advice on this matter. You could also consult professionals at an establishment like Canine Elite.

To help you we have prepared a couple of blog posts detailing what to consider before becoming a dog owner. Below are some important points about choosing a breed of dog. In Part 2 we will look at other important things to think about.

Petcare Delhi – What breed of dog to choose

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and different breeds have different temperaments and you need to choose a breed to match your life-style. There are loyal, lovable labradors and retrievers, cheeky little terriers, cute pugs, intelligent collies, huge great Danes and many more types to choose from. Don’t forget that mixed breeds also make wonderful pets and tend to be hardier than pure-bred dogs.

Petcare Delhi – things to think about when choosing a dog

  1. How much exercise can you give your dog each day? Thirty minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or more? Airedale terriers, beagles, boxers, bullterriers, Labradors, retrievers and most breeds of spaniel will thrive in homes where they get more than 2 hours of exercise a day. Chihuahuas, English toy terriers, Lhasa apsos, Pekingese and pugs can make do with less.
  2. What sort of coat do you want your dog to have – short, medium, long. Remember the longer the coat the more grooming is necessary.
  3. How often could you commit to grooming: once a day, once a week or more than once a week?
  4. If you are asthmatic or have an allergy you should consult a medical advisor before getting a dog. Certain breeds such as LhasaApsos and Yorkshire terriers are recommended for people with allergies.
  5. Do you live in an apartment, a small house or a large house? Do you have a garden? King Charles spaniels, chihuahuas, Yorkshire terrriers or miniature dachshunds are all suitable for apartment living.

Canine Elite is a dynamic and multi-faceted organization committed to providing top class facilities for pets in Delhi including Cattery, Dog boarding, Pet taxi, pet daycare, puppy training, and vet services. We are also committed to improving the welfare of street-dogs in Delhi and are known for our highly successful pet adoption programs.

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