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The rich rewards of pet adoption, Delhi

Anyone who visits India’s capital will have seen the numerous street dogs, often known as “Indian desi dogs”, that live alongside humans in the crowded neighborhoods of this bustling city.

While many of the dogs are golden yellow or sandy in colour others are black, tan, cream or bi-coloured. Some are obviously a mix of many breeds while others may have a resemblance to Alsatians, labradors, retrievers or collies. Desi dogs live a tough life foraging on the streets. Many are hit by cars and you often see dogs with broken legs bravely trying to survive in the concrete jungle.

A number of organisations, such as the Indian Canine Upliftment Centre, focus on rescuing street dogs and arrange programmes for pet adoptionin Delhi.

Desi dogs make wonderful pets. Unlike pure bred dogs they have not been genetically engineered by humans to promote any particular characteristics. Instead they have evolved over generations to survive in the dirty crowded streets of a great metropolis. They are hardy and highly intelligent.

Families who have acquired a desi dog through pet adoption in Delhi will be richly rewarded. Desi dogs make wonderful pets. They are healthy, loyal and highly intelligent. This is because over generations only the fittest and smartest animals have survived to breed in a harsh environment filled with danger and disease.

Desi cats also make delightful pets. With proper food and care a street cat develops from a scrawny timid creature into a glossy elegant cat.

If you live in Delhi and are looking for a four-legged addition to your family then get in touch with of of the city’s pet adoption programmes such as the Indian Canine Upliftment Centre. Pet adoption in Delhi brings new joy to a family and gives an animal a happy life away from the perils of the street.

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Desi Dog

Desi Dog is a Heritage dog of India that abounds the Indian streets. This is a primitive breed that is not genetically manipulated by humans and hence these dogs are very healthy and intelligent with no known genetic diseases.

They are highly adaptable, quick learners and versatile and are known to be even smarter and definitely calmer than the intelligent Border Collies. They are very agile and excel at many dog sports such as agility and also make great jogging/running companions. While active outdoors, they are usually very calm and quiet indoors. They have tremendous stamina and hence need an active family who will take them for a daily brisk walk or a run. The Desi Dog needs an even tempered, gentle but firm loving owner who knows how to consistently communicate the rules of the home.

These dogs love children and are known to have a calm and gentle demeanor around them. They bond strongly with their people and make an excellent family pet that is very loving, loyal and intelligent.

These dogs do not bark much but are always alert; they are friendly yet wary of strangers and make good watch dogs.

Desi dogs are low maintenance dog as they are generally very healthy and like to stay clean; they hardly shed and have virtually no doggy odor. Their smooth, fine short hair coat is easy to groom. They have an all weather coat that allows them to easily adapt to different weather conditions.

Desi dogs are genetically healthy and extremely adaptable and intelligent; these traits are essential for them to survive the dangers of living on the streets for generations. On the streets it is the survival of the fittest, usually out of a litter some will get run over by cars while others will succumb to hunger and malnutrition. Only the most hardiest and intelligent ones will survive to produce offspring.

Desi dogs are gaining popularity and have been adopted by homes all over the world.
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Jeremy Newcombe says that they had both owned dogs before, but Chloe, being a Desi dog, is quite different. Chelsea Newcombe says she was more cat-like than dog-like – she is very independent. As well, she is quite clever, which has its challenges as they cannot bribe her. She is very sensitive to their moods and emotions and can tell if one of them is upset. When she senses a person is upset she will go over and try to placate the party, says Chelsea Newcombe.

Kathy Gibson is a dog trainer who works closely with Gard and Desi owners. He says that the Desi “are almost a true dog, as the dogs have been domesticated. They are quite amenable to human beings and easy to train.”

Desi dogs respond best to training that allows them to fully express themselves. A good approach is to treat them like a child when they are puppies, as their learning patterns, approach to learning and approach to relationships are similar. With the street dogs, their breeding and their genetics are about living along side humans and being very social, but they also live in a community with themselves, says Gibson.
“They have strong family situations and have really clear, strong communication which is closer to what wild animals have, but they aren’t considered wild animals.”

Due to their uniqueness, Desi dogs do not respond well to typical obedience training. Like wolf hybrids, an animal Gibson has worked with, Desi dogs protect their own interests. If a person is able to show that he or she can do that, they are quite willing to cooperate, learn and work within the relationship.

The Desi dog becomes part of a person’s family, a companion and a friend, and contributes as much to the household as that person does, but in its own way. The Desi dog is not for every family situation, but if a person puts the time, effort and money into training they will gain another faithful family member.

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